Monday, January 30, 2012

Composite Photography, Part one

I have been working on what is called composite photography for a few years now, I guess I have been working on composites before I even knew what they were called. Composites in  this format, combines multiple images and graphic design to produce one final work of art.

 I was always in awe when commercial photographers work with graphic designers to create an amazing work of art for a magazine.  It would stop me from turning the page and stare... for me that stare is a compliment, getting a person to think is probably one of the greatest compliments a person could give to a visual artist.

Performing this type of work requires a lot of pre-planning and even more post production. Truth be told, they begin as most creative works do, they begin as random ideas or what if situations. Sometimes it's better, that the client not know these random thoughts because they begin to develop expectations as they  create their own artwork in their head.

Unfortunately, I tend to tell the client because they are unwilling to stand in front of the camera at my whim.  I guess I should tell them that even if I have this inspiration, there are only a couple of images within a complete session that might consume me enough to produce artwork and some of those may not make it to the final publishing, and some unfortunately do.

While on a mini-vacation with my wife, I wanted to collect stock footage in Seattle.  I would point things out randomly and say I want a picture of that. Get me a picture of that... sometimes it was just something I wanted to share with a family member back home. As a way to tell them this is why I was thinking of you during that trip.  Dawn and I got lost there with a purpose. I wanted to see what this town was all about and you don't get that vibe until you drive around and get lost in a town and Seattle was cooler than advertised.  
The pink elephant, awesome,  what a great tribute to PT Barnum, he has only been about 120 years but his influence is everywhere. Humbuggery (bull) at it's finest. P.T. Barnum way ahead of his time, but this is a digression for another time. Expect to see this elephant in a future work. 

As you can see, when Dawn and I came across this mural, which I later learned was called the Queen Anne Mural. It had been tagged by vandals unappreciative of The beautiful mural was painted by (Angelina Villalobos). As you can see the image had been horribly tagged but I knew i could restore her beautiful work