Saturday, May 2, 2009

Creativity Captuting the Absurd.

Have you ever been to a location and things just weren't working out creatively. I wanted to take a moment and share a couple thoughts that can help you work through those moments of panic when creativity doesn't spark at the right moment.

Often panic sets in because the fear of going back to digital post production with amazing images but cant help the feeling of "Me too". I got this picture, oh yeah me too.

What I am not going to do is write about light mechanics and the importance of blah blah blah. What I will reveal is one word and that word is Absurd. Don't you know about absurd? Everybody knows that absurd is the word. (sorry trashmen flashback, Apologize if this song gets stuck in your head)

What I am trying to say that we as people in this age are attracted to images that are absurd. Picture an image of a bride in a church and you may want to look at it for 3-8 seconds. Put an Astronaut with their reflective helmet on in that very same church and I can get you to stop and look at that picture and look for someone to discuss it. Put the bride in the Shuttle ready for launch, there is another shot. Don't you know about absurd?

Oddities are good combination's but some are less as dynamic. For example, think about the naked baby shot. How often has that been done. Don't get me wrong, these are so much fun but since you got that shot, what can you do to avoid the "Me Too".

Get a little absurd. What are mom's hobbies. We had a mother who was very into horses. Her kids were older so I was unable to get this shot. I was thinking fresh santa fe style horse blankets and a larriet or maybe borrowing a new show saddle. She had this horse as a kid and grew up with it. It would be nice to reveal moms other love too. Oh, and it's a great conversation topic.

Here is my latest business card concept, Unique, Absurd and creative.

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