Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sac Anime 2012, quick post

What do you do when you are stuck in Sacramento for 8 hours and need to burn some time?  We decided to see the latest superhero movie  Ghostrider II and stumbled upon the Sac Anime meetup...  Geared for fun, we met the most wonderful people...  And I got to play with my camera, getting the camera ready,  I gave myself a challenge. No flash, indoors, 50mm fixed focal length.  As usual, more pictures than time so I thought I would share some of the fun pix.

Amazing artist  If you think she does cosplay well check out her artwork!

So , there were too many pictures to post  these were the first two people walking inside the door and I noticed this white wall.  Pretty photogenic but I have no clue who they are...   I decided to create a comic book look out of them and it took a while but I needed to learn the process in photoshop. Once I was done I decided to do a few more.  Unforunately, they get a bit addicting and I think I got carried away.  Truthfully, they look best in 40x60" prints, that is the trouble with me and internet pictures, I believe in details and the internet is not a help with this.  Oh well maybe if I played within the constraints these would look better.
  Follow along the cheesy story.

OK, I got tired of creating a story line because I could not automate this comic process, and it took a few hours each after learning how to properly make them. Sorry.

Not really in costume, but in a blue t-shirt, my son was transformed back into his alter ego.  He got such a kick out of watching me dress him into this outfit.  the mask didn't make it because I got tired of dealing with the shadows.  Below he is in his figurative birthday suit, has the look of business in his eyes and above he is totally happy.  that also worked against the mask.  Can't beat joy.

as part of the process, this is a byproduct.  I will print them off on paper and give to my son to color.

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