Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Photography Form: Freestyle Generalism (Part 1)

Freestyle is a client based form of event photography which reflects the needs of the client and the artisitic expression of their photographer.

A freestyle generalist blends popular forms of event photography, such as photojournalism and traditional portraiture; add in a little fashion, fine art, landscape and digital expression to emphasize an extravagant vision.


  1. A freestyle generalist is a professional and will show competency in their work.

  2. Digital expression does not include digital manipulation of poorly executed images.

  3. Like Event Photojournalism, Freestyle captures events as they unfold, unobtrusively.

  4. Unlike Event Photojournalists, Freestyle photographers value Traditional Portraiture.

  5. Like Generalists, Freestyle photographers are trained in many forms of photography.

  6. Unlike Generalists, Freestyle photographers are professionals focusing on event photography.
  7. The cost of Freestyle photography is inherently higher that other forms of event photography.

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