Thursday, December 4, 2008

Post-Thanksgiving Kick

There are a million reasons to give thanks this year and there are many blessings to be shared. Often we forget about those blessings that are not so obvious. We forget about the individuals who take the time, and share with you their learning's and failures. In the photographic community, we share ourselves in abundance and I am thankful for my network of photographers that help me creatively.

The images from this quick photo shoot of my son reflects inspiration from Strobist, David Hobbie, and commercial photographers Chase Jarvis and Bill Mahon and interestingly enough Bruce Lee.

I am fortunate enough to have been inspired by the work from the community. David Hobbie and his strobist community inspired me to play with speedlites in a different way. More often, I find myself running to the hardware store and fabric outlets to make light modifiers for my small strobes. Now, my Profoto strobes don't get the workout that they used to. Chase Jarvis has some fun videos. If you have not seen them, check them out. His award winning commercial work for KungFu HD provided the cool factor that inspired my work. His work on that project is much more complex and a much different photograph but the capture concepts are similar.
Now lets not forget, Bill. Over 10 years ago, Bill Mahon taught me lighting and his philosophy that can be broken down to one simple Italian word "Chiaroscuro" or clearly dark. This is Bills signature style but with this project I took it a bit further and wanted a crap load of contrast. Those abdominal muscles don't really pop out to the naked eye.

Finally, I have always had a fascination with Bruce Lees Philosophy around Jeet Kune Do. Mr. Lees' philosophical teaching of continued self discovery was exercised in this process. I have known for years that I can use a strobe this way but have never applied it in this manner. Anyhow thanks for the inspiration guys, I am thankful.

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