Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jessica Simpson Reinventing Natural Beauty?

I was in the grocery store yesterday and seen the May cover of Marie Claire with Jessica Simpson in her natural beauty state. The headline tags were: The Real Jessica, No Make Up, No Retouching, No Regrets.

I look closer at the cover and did not see the person but a photographic concept telling a story. Am I to believe that a celebrity without make up is Shockingly CONTROVERSIAL!? But why? I can pop up TMZ on my Ipod and see her without makeup? What is she selling... After a few clicks on the laptop the truth was revealed. She is probably promoting her new reality show... " the price of beauty on VH1". Digging a few clicks more, I begin to laugh because, Miss Jessica Simpson was trying to bail out her Make Up artist from jail only four months ago, (link) but I digress. Let's get back to the picture.

If I am not mistaken the Marie Claire image (found here) was captured by the professional photographer, James White. The cover image may have not been retouched but was manipulated by light and camera. The photographer was telling a story. He wants you to focus on the flawless skin... but she must remain beautiful. After all the magazine must sell! I assume he saw the roots growing out and decided to crop the image close so the MARIE CLAIRE font across the top will detract from the roots not being maintained. Mr. White knows what to do to make someone beautiful and controversial.

He uses a specific lighting technique I would only reserve for the 16 year old model, not the 30 year old starlet... unless I was selling this concept. Does Jessica pull it off? I don't think this is a very flattering picture of her but it does the job selling the Marie Claire cover story and create controversy.

The image appears to have been shot with a single strobe, slightly camera right with a butterfly lighting configuration. The wardrobe specialist added in a plain cotton outfit with neutral colors to continue the illusion. Nice work James.

Here is a vimeo interview with James White on twilight series.

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Casey said...

I take pictures without makeup every day. Big deal, Jessica! lol