Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sympathetic Harmonies

Finding what makes a photograph beautiful is really easy. It's just the smile on your child's face as they are playing outside. It's the moment you said I do. It's the Halloween costume that made your child light up and turned them into their favorite superhero. One of my favorites was when Diego donned a chain mail outfit at the Scottish festival. I was so nervous that the heavy mail was going to make him buckle his knees. He loved it but didn't expect it to be that heavy. These have been a few of the pictures this week that changed my mood and brought joy to my heart.

Being a family of photographers we tend to have extra prints lying around almost everywhere. Guilty little treasures to be found in a book, hidden in the visor of the car, in a desk drawer, I mean they are everywhere. These are not always our best shots but are just simple pictures of our kids being themselves at that age, and that brings me joy. They reveal the way things were
yesterday, last month, five years ago, and are funny little portals in time, to see how things never seem to change.

I guess the point I was trying to make is that photographs shouldn't only stay archived or stored on a computer hard drive. Try to treat them as little treasures in your day. Print up a few extras to make sure they are found. Be a little pirate and hide your treasures in obvious places for others to find, keep them hidden in the mattress, junk drawer, or even on the fridge... happiness is contagious.

My kids grow up way too fast, and using the photographs in this way also slows my life down, they are the chords that strike the sympathetic harmonies making my heart sing.

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Dawn said...

I must say it is a beautiful song...