Monday, September 27, 2010

A hundred blog posts

I must have about a hundred blog posts that have never been published... Someday, I will use these random incomplete thoughts (on the subject of photography) for a book. Until then I am practicing and am recording this journey.

Part of the reason I blog in the first place is my ability to go overboard when I talk. So, I write to an audience of one, me. I do this just to clear my head but hope that someday the outcome is a philosophy that will be a list of my core competencies that will help any photographer on their journey. Until then, I open some of these confessions to you.

I can tell you now, much of this is not original thought but a compendium of knowledge drawn from many sources. I will have stood on the backs of many ancient and modern philosophers and educators, including my wife and children, as they are the greatest teachers in my life. They ask the greatest questions, and they know I can put them to sleep with my answers.

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